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Romance and Erotica Samples

A Romance (First-Person Narrative)

The way Jason looked at night should have been a damn crime. Tight, black jeans on and nothing else. Shirtless, barefoot, and there he was eating grapes in the kitchen. My kitchen.
Couldn’t he just take his food back to his room like most people who craved a late-night snack? He had to stand over the counter and eat grapes in the moonlight like Dionysus. Ha. Maybe he thought highly of himself but a god Jason was definitely not.
“Hey, roomie,” he said between chews. “Up late too, I see.”
“I just wanted to get a glass of milk, and stop calling me that.”
“What’s wrong with roomie?” he asked. “We are roommates. Seems only fitting.”
“I have a name. You could try using that, and we are only roommates until Stephanie gets back and sorts this confusion out. I specifically asked for a girl roommate. Not you.” I tried to move towards the refrigerator, but he blocked my way.
“Why do you go by Charlie anyway? It doesn’t seem to fit a girl like you.” He tossed another grape in his mouth. This time he chewed slower as if teasing me with the process.
“It’s short for Charlene, and what do you mean a girl like me?” I crossed my arms, ready to fight for my name like I had to do in grade school when kids made fun of me for the same exact reason. That was when I was young and didn’t stick up for myself. I wasn’t going to let some accidental roommate make me feel bad about it as a grown woman.
“Charlene seems much more fitting. You definitely look like a Charlene.” He reached up and brushed my hair back and over my ear before I could move out of his way. “And I meant a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t have the nickname of a boy. It doesn’t do you justice.”
I usually was quick to sarcasm, but I was tongue-tied by what he said. He thought I was beautiful. I was shocked, because it had been a while since a guy told me that, and I hadn’t realized how good it made me feel until he said the word.
My mouth hung open in confusion and shock. He’d complimented me, and I didn’t see it coming.
“Want a grape?” he asked right before his fingers were near my mouth. “They’re really good.”
I should have pushed his hand out of the way, gotten my milk, and slammed my bedroom door in defiance. I should have done at least one or all of those things.
Instead, I took the offered grape as his fingers brushed over my lips. His fingers were calloused but still soft, and even in the dark, I thought I saw the blue of his eyes darken as I chewed the grape.
“See?” he said. He licked his fingers slowly as he stared at me. “It’s absolutely delicious. Goodnight, Charlene.” His emphasis on my name made me tremble with a sensation I hadn’t felt in a long time: desire.
Before I could respond, he darted off to his room and closed the door.
It took me a moment to remember what I had gone into the kitchen for and even longer for me to pour a glass of milk.
As I padded back to my room, I realized Jason was going to be more trouble as my roommate than I initially thought.

Erotica (First-Person Narrative)

“I’m going to blindfold you now,” he said. His voice took on a deeper and huskier tone than I was used to. “Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I said. Even in my naked submission, I loved that I was still in control by the impact I had on him. By giving my body to him, I was freer than I had ever been before I met him.
“Say it correctly, Maria,” he said.
“Yes, sir. I understand.”
“Good, girl. Do you remember what your safe word is?” His fingers brushed over my sensitive skin, trailing over my belly and making goosebumps rise wherever he touched me.
I couldn’t think straight when he did that, and he absolutely knew the effect he had on me. I took in a deep breath and released it before answering. “Yes, sir. My safe word is silk.”
“If at any point, you feel pushed too far, you must promise to use that word. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.” His hand stopped right under my breast and just out of reach. Before I could stop myself, I wiggled to get closer to him, and my nipple brushed against his wrist before he pulled away.
I saw him make that wicked smile and knew I’d made a mistake, one that was going to cost me later.
“No trying to pleasure yourself or finding some release unless I consent it,” he said. “That’ll give you one spank.”
He had commanded me to be still, and I knew better, but something in me wanted to see how defiant he’d let me be. I squirmed again, even with the restraints tying my hands down. I needed him to touch me, to either put out the fire burning inside of me or throw gasoline to ignite it even more. Anything was better than being on the cusp of pleasure without some measure of satisfaction.
“That’ll be a second paddling. Want to go for three? Don’t think I won’t punish you until that ass of yours is nice and red.”
I knew he would do it. He’d shown me the paddle before tying me up, so I knew exactly what my bare ass had to look forward to if I misbehaved. I could admit to myself that part of me desired to see that punishment and feel the tension in him as he gave it out. He’d only spanked me with his bare hand before, and it made him hard. What would paddling me do to him?
I didn’t dare anger him, so I calmed my anxiousness and waited for his approval. I needed it as much as I needed air, so I waited, even as my restlessness tried to bubble to the surface.
“I’ll behave, sir,” I said. I could feel the arousal between my legs, and I was certain he noticed it as well. He hadn’t done anything to me, and I was already wet. How could I get through this without coming, as he demanded?
“We’ll see if you can,” he said. He brought the blindfold to my face and tied it so only my eyes were covered. My body was even more aware of him without my sight. One of us was going to break our control through this, and I was pretty certain it was going to be me.

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Disclaimer: All work on this site is the property of the owner and may not be used for anything without the author’s consent. The work is used to showcase the writer’s abilities and may not be used on any other sites. Thank you for respecting the copyright of the work.